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Tune in to our latest podcasts with hosts Charlie Guarino, Reg Harbeck and Paul Tuohy

Liam Allan on Node.js and Open Source

A chat with Liam Allan, Node.js on IBM i programming advocate and prominent people person in the open-source community

A Look at IBM i 7.5 and Merlin

IBM's Alison Butterill and Steve Will discuss Db2 improvements and a streamlined LPP ordering process, and explain how Merlin will help clients modernize their applications

Russ Teubner on the Power of Automation and Modernization

Hostbridge Technology's Russ Teubner talks with Reg Harbeck about starting his business, and how maximizing automation can help spur application modernization

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Tutorials, how-to articles, instructional videos and technical explainers, all in one place.

By Trevor Eddolls / Jun 24, 2022

Why Git Is Valuable to the Mainframe

By Chris Gibson / May 10, 2022

Filtering IP Addresses With AIX IPSec

By Rob McNelly / Apr 26, 2022

Migrating LPARs to the Cloud

By Trevor Eddolls / Apr 21, 2022

Can IMS Connect to the Outside World?

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